3 ways to Ease the Number 1 Pain Point in Your Dealership

No one likes to wait. It is a basic fact of life. However, in the auto industry waiting is not only a pain for the consumer, it is the number one pain point.

According to the third annual eLEND Solutions™ auto dealers survey more than 50% of dealers feel wait time, either in F&I or the dealership, constitutes the number one pain point for consumers. This pain directly impacts your customer service experience and lead to the consumer canceling a purchase, not returning for service or potentially providing a poor review for your establishment.

Let's take a look at a few things you can do to address this pain point and prevent negative experiences.

Eliminate Choke Points

Wait time often results from bottlenecks in the new car purchase process. These bottlenecks can occur from the sales floor to the finance department or from the finance department to new car delivery. These stop gaps can differ at different times in the day or even be seasonal. To eliminate these gaps complete an audit of the annual sales history of your company and ensure that your organization is staffed properly to handle the anticipated volume of customers. 


When you know customers have to wait, it is best to communicate that wait with them and provide them timely updates. This can be done by having a salesperson regularly checking back in on the client. You can also further improve upon this communication by implementing a ticker system on your televisions that notifies people of their place in line.

Provide Education and Distraction

Distraction is a great way to keep your clients from fretting about the wait time. The ultimate solution for this is the ability for you to provide your customers with unique and customized TV channels for your business. At AutoVision we have found this type of distraction can reduce perceived wait time by 35 percent! That reduction alone can be the difference between a furrowed eyebrow and happy face.

Comment below with other techniques you are using in your dealership to improve wait times. Also, if you would like more information about how to implement custom TV channels in your dealership feel free to contact us.