Historically used as a way for arcades and casinos to drive consumers to their games, the attract screen is becoming an indispensable sales tool for automotive dealers. Let’s look how you can use these screens in your dealership to create experiences that educate, create loyalty, and ultimately drive sales.


A poster on a wall will never be as impressive, communicate more value or offer as much content flexibility as a high-definition video wall, which is why printed brochures and posters are taking a back seat in automotive showrooms around the globe.

Visualize this: a five-foot digital display greets customers, showing a video of the latest pick-up truck model. The digital sign demonstrates, in HD, the torque of the engine, interior design, and safety features. Automotive showroom displays, unlike traditional posters, cannot only show in detail a vehicle’s specifications and capabilities but it also allows dealerships to update content without additional costs and wait time.

Create Loyalty

One of the best ways to create loyalty is to create experiences that set you apart from the competition. Think back to our earlier example of the video wall. From the moment a customer enters your front doors, the vibrant content and sheer size of the video wall commands attention, driving interest and immersing customers in your brand.

This is an awe-inspiring moment, that creates a lasting impression. From this point on you can continue to use your digital signage in different areas of the dealership to provide value to your customers in the form of personalized content, details on ways your dealership is giving back in the community and other content that helps reduced perceived wait time. All this digital content helps to drive customer loyalty.

Drive Sales

How does an auto dealership engage customers into paying top dollar for vehicles and add-on service packages? The answer lies beyond good salesmanship and requires leveraging digital signage that creates a pleasing, fun and engaging environment that retains customer interest and expose them to the range of possibilities in terms of models and accessories.

Custom designed, digital solutions enhance the in-store customer experience by assisting the dealer processes, marketing exposure of dealer products, services and specials while maximizing customer engagement and staff motivation on screens throughout the modern-day auto dealership. They serve to increase bottom line revenues, long-term customer retention, distinguish market position and, to increase dealer profit, CSI, and overall ROI.

Let us help you to set new standards for customer engagement. Our award-winning team of graphic designers and video experts will create solutions that will not only impress you but will put the right message in front of your customers at the right time, giving you the opportunity to educate, inform, and build the trust and confidence that leads to optimal customer satisfaction.