Are You Paying Competitors to Advertise in Your Business

The automotive marketplace is highly competitive with dealerships, service shops and others spending a significant amount of money to persuade the consumer to visit their business.

While most of these organizations are successful in promoting their brand in the marketplace, most are not only failing to secure their brand within their own walls, but paying to do so.

Let me explain.

When a person visits a dealership or even a service shop, they are typically going to spend time in the waiting area, watching a TV that you pay each month to have programing on. More often than not that person is going to see an advertisement for a competitor and hear about their specials or value propositions.

If that person is not having a great experience with your business that day or if the offer they hear is just too good to pass up, maybe this is the trigger for them to try the “Other Guy”.

So how as an automotive business do you stop the competitor from talking to your visitors while in your business?

Control the content on your screens.

The idea of building and managing your own custom television channel is now within the budget range comparable to cable television.  With a custom-managed channel, you as a Principal or General Manager can dictate what messaging you want your customer base to see, as well as eliminating your competition to advertise on your own television and to your visiting customers.  

In addition to managing the content and only advertising and promoting your brand, you can also work with your Service Director on declined services, where we have had success in incorporating educational videos on what those services include and why they are important.  This has shown to drive repeat business and assist in moving up future scheduled appointments once your clients are educated on why these services are important.

All of these elements of the custom channels we build and manage at dealerships all around the country can provide you and your team with a canvas to brand and communicate with your clients, and stop you from paying for your competition’s advertisements directly to your visitors.

If you would like more information about how to implement custom TV channels in your dealership feel free to drop us a message.