Integrating social media with your digital signage allows you to leverage the power of real-time personalized content to drive engagement, transparency, and trust. Let's take a look at how to leverage this content in your dealership and ways to drive these conversations.


Integrating social channels into your digital signage is a simple endeavor. It involves crafting a content feed into your signage from your social networks. Be sure when creating this feed to review the content to eliminate anything that may be offensive or cast a poor light on your dealership.

Networks you want to feed content from include:

  • Google Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews
  • DealerRater
  • 3rd Party Automotive Site Reviews like Cars.com, Edmunds.com and KBB.com
  • Indeed/Glassdoor Reviews

Driving Social Media Engagement

Perhaps the most important thing social media integrations provide is the ability to effectively invite your audience to engage with your brand. However, it takes works to drive this engagement. Here are a few things you can do to encourage social interaction with your brand.

1.      Build a Audience

The bigger your audience on your social channels the more opportunity for engagement you create. To grow this audience you should continually encourage people to follow you on your social channels. This can be done through emails, on your digital signage, through SMS or even a verbal mention is effective.

2.      Be Active

You need to ensure you remain active on your social media channels. This means posting frequently and engaging with all users that comment on your channels.. When customers comment on a post, they’re giving you an opportunity to talk to them. Whether they leave a positive or negative message, you should be responding to each customer. You can show appreciation for positive messages and suggest a resolution for negative ones

3.      Hold Contests

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the power of contests and giveaways. What’s great about these tactics is that it boosts engagement on the social media platform of your choice because people usually like receiving a prize of recognition. For example, you could ask followers in your new car waiting room to like you on social media and share a picture of themselves with the car they just purchased. You could then do a daily drawing for a prize like a year of free oil changes.

4.      Pictures

Social media is a visual medium and cars are a thing of beauty. Be sure to share pictures of new models, specialty cars or other things you think will capture the interest of your users. If your picture is cool enough users will also share it out to their network.

5.      Ask, And You Shall Receive

Asking your followers and audience questions is another way to get them active on social media. You could ask them to provide advice, content ideas, what they would like to see from your brand in the future or just a general question like “What are plans for the weekend?”

6.      Reviews

Be sure to ask your clients to leave reviews for the service and experience they had at your dealership. You shouldn’t bribe people to leave reviews, but a simple ask. If your customer experience is exceptional they will oblige without a doubt.

At AutoVision TV we have helped dozens of dealerships leverage the power of social media through a digital signage program. Contact us today if you would like more information on how we can help you.