The recent preponderance of marketing blog posts point to how the growth of content marketing is making the focus on a business’ brand more important than ever.

Much of these attempts to overcome the misconception the brand is just about the advertising the communication a business performs, when a brand is really about the entire customer experience. 

Most businesses know the building of a brand starts with a customer becoming aware of a business; while the most successful brands are built and nurtured when the message carries through every interaction.  Yes, a business’ advertising is significant, but no more so than its presence online, its social media posts, and when the customer is onsite at the store.

Taking advantage of onsite communication of a dealership brand is where digital signage plays a huge role.

Why would a dealership allow for its primary onsite communication come from a manufacture and its generic messaging?  It is agreed the advertising supplied by manufactures is among the best ever produced at building interest in the specific car models they are pushing.  It is also agreed this messaging has not carried through to success in customer communication once they are onsite in the store.

Dealerships need to acknowledge the strength of communication the manufactures provide externally.  They know this successfully sets the basis for the manufacture brand, which the dealership can build on with its own external advertising to shift the message to its brand.

However, once a customer is in their store, allowing the primary messaging to continue to be from the manufacture dilutes the messaging to more generic and available at any dealership.

The dealerships with the most successful brands recognize as the customer interactions become more personal, especially when onsite, their needs to be a continuation this shift in communication, leveraging the content the manufacture provides with a primary focus on their brand when customers are in their stores. 

A dealership looking to build its brand recognizes it is an end-to-end experience, and as it nears the point of purchase the communication needs to be more on the dealership brand than the manufacturer.

If your dealership is depending on manufacture communication as your primary in-store communication vehicle, reach out to us at AutoVision TV to see where we can make it about YOUR dealership brand.