It’s scary to say customers have a lot of control over the well-being of a brand, but with the internet and technological advances, consumers have more access to information than they did 20 years ago; this includes a manufacturer’s CSI ratings. Buyers have the power to call out a dealer for terrible service while also praising them for exceeding customer expectations every single day.

The importance of achieving high Customer Service Index (CSI) scores has never been greater for automotive dealerships and manufacturers than it is right now. Consumers are becoming accustomed to dealerships competing for their business by offering top-notch service and customized experiences. Every dealership is looking for ways to boost their CSI ratings today, and the bar keeps getting raised higher and higher. For example, CSI scores, drive bonuses and vehicle choice – a dealership with great CSI scores is more likely to get fast-selling inventory, and that leads to higher sales.

The purpose behind CSI is to build customer loyalty. Dealerships want to sell more vehicles, and those with repair and service centers want to maximize after-market business by keeping their customers coming back. If you’re looking for ways to increase CSI scores, start with the basics. Here are a few tips:

1) Document Processes

Make sure your processes are written down and require that your employees read them. Review processes occasionally and get employees involved in updating and documenting changes. They are far more likely to follow a process if they have input.

2) Respect the Customer’s Time

 There’s nothing more valuable than time. And these days, when customers can research features, specs and pricing online, the clock is already ticking when they walk through the doors of your dealership.

3) Do Personal Follow-ups

Whether or not you got the sale, taking the initiative to follow up with the customer can either reinforce their decision (and potentially create a repeat customer) or encourage a prospect to make a purchase. While an email or text message may be fine (some folks may actually prefer it) making it more personal by calling them shows how sincere you are about serving them. Make follow ups a part of your sales process and watch your CSI score climb.

4)  Make Service Easy, Convenient and Personal

There’s no doubt about it, there’s been a definite shift in the customer service process in all industries. The digital age has transformed the relationship between customers and businesses. Harnessing the capabilities of technology allows you to deliver the most personalized experience to customers and potential ones.

5) Communicate with Customers at All Interaction Points Within Your Dealership

Utilize digital technology at your dealership’s strategic customer interaction points including your Lounge, Showroom, F&I, Service Center, Parts, Café, and New Car Delivery areas to improve customer satisfaction, reinforce your brand image, and create the opportunity to increase your bottom line

Automakers are demanding achievement when it comes to customer satisfaction and the success or failure of your dealership could depend on your score. Contact us today to find out how else we can help you to improve your CSI scores.