3 Keys to Delivering ROI with Your Dealership Digital Signage

Perhaps the most frequent question asked by dealerships when discussing digital signage is “What type of return on investment (ROI) can I expect.” It makes sense, no one want to spend money to not make money or at least recoup some of their costs

While we would love to give a solid number on the ROI associated with digital signage, the answer is typically “It depends.”

See digital signage is a tool. The more effective you use that tool to reach the right person with the right message at the right time, the more likely you will be to drive a positive ROI.

With that being said let’s look at three keys to deploying digital signage in your dealership that delivers ROI.

Define Your Audience(s)

Do you know who your customers are? It is a simple question and one that is not only critical to marketing through your dealership’s digital signage program, but to all marketing efforts.

If you already have your customers defined into audiences, then feel free to skip to the next section, if not let’s discuss how and why you want to create audiences for your dealership.

To define your audiences, you need to complete audience research. This is done by looking at people who have purchased products from your dealership and putting them into categories. You can group by vehicle purchase trend, income level, age, family status occupation, sex and other variables.

You want to take the time to learn as much as possible about your customers, so you create content that when they interact with your content, they will pay attention and respond positively and take action to do business with you. Blindly developing content can send a negative message to the audience that you don't understand their wants and needs, using audience research to pinpoint what your audience is looking for will help you to create content that will appeal to them on a personal level.

Right Message

Think about the number of advertisements you see each day that are not relevant to you. Now think about those that are targeted to your unique interests.

Which are you more likely to interact with? I think the choice is obvious.

By having a better understanding of your audience, you can then use that information to decide who you want to pursue as customers and how to more effectively market to them once they come into your dealership. You can also decide on how to remarket to existing customers when they return to your dealership.

With your digital signage program, you can take those tailored messages for each of your audience group and cycle them on your screens. This allows you to reach multiple audiences with a message that is tailored to them.

However, be careful not to get lazy with the content. Just because you know the type of message people will respond to doesn’t mean you should use boring content. Make sure the design, video and other media you are using is splashy and draws the consumers eye.

Right Time

To inspire action, you must not only reach the right person, with the right message, but it must also be at the right time as well. Think about how many times you received a email from a vendor for a product you just purchased. This merchant got the right person, with the right message, but their timing was off, and their efforts wasted.

To ensure your not wasting your digital signage marketing efforts you need to do a audit of the placement of your digital screens, determine what area of the dealership each of these signs is located, what purchasing decision you want to present to the customer at that point and then tailor that message to meet the needs of the customer.

Here to help

It can sound difficult and time consuming to create an effective digital signage program on your own. However, we are here to assist. We can help develop your audiences, craft your messages and deploy them to the proper screens at the proper time. All of this can be accomplished for not much more than you pay for cable each month in your dealership. For a free consultation on upping your digital display marketing contact us today.