AutoVision The Podcast Episode 1: Why Custom Tv Channels Should Be A Part Of Your Dealership’s Communication Strategy

In the inaugural episode of AutoVision TV the Podcast, our VP of Sales Will Worosylla sits down with Frank Automotive Group President, Gary Fenelli, to discuss Fenelli’s background and use of digital signage at Frank Toyota.

Gary Fenelli has worn many hats throughout the years from NFL player, to Toyota Dealer Association President, to President of the Mile of Cars, to being part of the Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association, and being an inspirational Speaker for Juvenile Hall and Youth detention facilities in San Diego.

During the podcast Fenelli provides interested feedback on:

  • His start in the automotive business
  • Keys to placement of digital signage
  • How to effectively leverage the messaging
  • Identifying content most pertinent to their dealership’s customers
  • The perceptions that digital content is difficult to change
  • Pet Friendliness as part of the dealership brand
  • The ROI of digital signage

Click here to listen to the podcast.