Podcast: Increasing sales of Declined Services and Humanizing Employees with Digital Signage

In the second episode of AutoVision TV the Podcast, our VP of Sales Will Worosylla sits down with Mike Starace, Service Director at Watson Chevrolet and Infinity of Tucson to discuss the usage of digital signage at Watson and Infinity of Tucson.

During the podcast Starace discusses:

  •  Pitfalls of self-managed digital signage
  •  Benefits of fully-managed digital signage
  • Different areas to deploy digital signage
  • How to use digital signage to supercharge a customer shuttle program
  • Coupon usage on digital signs
  • Boosting declined services with explainer videos
  • Humanizing employees with digital bios
  • Meeting EBE criteria
  • And much more

Click here to listen to the podcast.