Leverage a networked set of media devices to communicate customized and unique content where focused messaging is required.


Provide a unique and customized digital signage experience using leading edge technologies in the out-of-home environment


Thank you for visiting the AutoVision TV web site and taking the first step in joining us in our journey to revolutionize the way communication occurs at the point of interaction through digital signage. Our staff brings a primary focus of exceeding our customer expectations in every communication, so they can exceed expectations to their customers. We deploy state of the art technologies and processes to bring about truly unique solutions. We are in continual learning mode, based on a zealous pursuit of input and feedback from our customers, partners and those in like industries. Please join us in our pursuit of optimal communication, and enjoy the ride.


Unified Brand started in 2009 as a concept to provide neighborhood businesses cost-effective communication solutions through platforms that help "unify" their brand, with a focus on digital signage and building custom TV channels; thus was born the "NetNeighborhood". The use of "state of the art" technology continues to allow us the ability to deliver real-time content to screens at any internet enabled location, with a simple and effective updating of essential information such as customer content, sports scores, weather and news by UB personnel, the customer, or direct application access.

Shortly after our start, local auto dealerships saw our NetNeighborhood and asked if we could build something similar for them; thus was born AutoVision TV.

As we have grown, we have expanded solutions to auto dealerships, enterprise customers and retail stores nationwide. With a team of graphic designers, video experts and programmers, we create imagery that defies the imagination in its ability to showcase messages in a powerful, dynamic way.